Standard notifications

Standard notifications

Standard Notifications


1. The Customer will ensure that, prior to the date and time we have agreed to start the work, we have unimpeded, safe access to the site where we are to carry out the work.
2. Please Note that circuits altered are fully Inspected and tested along with certification but the estimation does not include, repairs or corrections to any faults that may be found during the testing process.
3. The Customer must ensure that plastering does not take place until the cables which will run under it have been installed.
4. The Customer is responsible for any redecorating that may be required where cables have to be chased into walls / ceilings or driveways etc to
accommodate new wiring.
5. The Customer will make a suitably sized and appropriate space, within 50m of the site of the work and at the same level, available for the secure storage of
our plant, equipment and materials.
6. The Customer must give us access at all times to a senior member of the Customer’s staff who is able to make decisions in situations which might
otherwise lead to delays. Ideally, such person should be present on site, but if this is not possible, we need to have immediate telephone access to a suitably senior employee who is able to attend the site within 30 minutes of being called.

Waste Materials

7. The Customer will make a skip available for our use to which we have safe and easy access. Unless otherwise agreed between us in writing, this will be placed by the main entrance to the site of the work and not more than 30m from that site.
8. Unless referred to in the above Estimate Breakdown, the Customer will be responsible for removing the trade waste we create from its premises at its own expense. However, we will place this in any skip provided in accordance with paragraph 7 above, or (where one is not available or it is full) will stack it neatly and safely near the site of the work.

Health and Safety

9. The Customer must take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of our staff and sub-contractors whilst on its premises, including providing details of its health and safety and fire policies and procedures, and making appropriate facilities available for their use – all in accordance with all applicable current legislation.
10. The Customer is responsible for the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors and other persons present on the site. Without limitation, this means that if we cordon off the area where we are working, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that no-one other than our staff and sub-contractors enter that area without our prior consent.

Power Disconnection

11. Where the works require us to disconnect the power supply to some or part of the site for a period of time, we will give the Customer at least [ 60 ] minutes’ notice of the disconnection. It will then be the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all computer and other sensitive equipment is properly shut down prior to the disconnection, to avoid any damage or loss of data. We will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of a planned disconnection where notice has been given.

Genie Lifts

12. The Customer must take delivery of the Genie Lift referred to in the Estimate Breakdown; store it safely when not in use by us; ensure that no-one other than our staff or sub-contractors uses or interferes with it in any way – other than solely for the purposes of the initial movement of it from the point of delivery to the point of storage; and ensure that there is a clear and safe access route for it between the storage area and the work area.

Customer Supplied Materials

13. Where the Customer is supplying equipment, fittings or other materials for our use in carrying out the works, then:
a. They must comply with British Standard 7671;
b. They must be suitable for the environment (eg where water vapour will be present) and appropriate to the physical constraints relevant to the
installation (eg size and weight in relation to the load-bearing structures); and
c. The Customer must make sure that they are available and ready to use when required.
d. If work is delayed or additional costs incurred as a result of any failure to meet the above requirements, then the wasted time and additional costs will be invoiced to and payable by the Customer, in addition to the fees on this Estimate.

Price and Payment

14. Should the need arise for further materials / labour to be supplied for any work estimated or not estimated, These will be provide for on a supply & demand basis without the need for a further estimation. An invoice will be raised upon completion and the Customer agrees to make full payment within 7 days from the date of invoice.
15. The price of copper cable is very volatile. This Estimate is based upon a price for copper cable. If the price of the cable increases by 10% or more between the date of this quote and the date we commence work, we reserve the right to increase the Estimate to reflect that increase. However, in such a situation we will notify the Customer in writing of the change in price and the impact this would have upon the Estimate, and the Customer will then be entitled to either confirm or cancel the contract (at the new price) at its option. The copper wire will not be ordered, and hence work will not commence, until the Customer has confirmed the order. Accordingly, if the work is not to be delayed, the Customer must confirm the order at least [ 14 ] days prior to the planned start date.
16. Mileage will be charged at the usual HMRC rates (currently 45p per mile) and each return journey to the site will be deemed to start and finish at our offices unless otherwise agreed in writing.
17. We can accept payment by BACS (Sort code: 20-34-60 Account Number: 10674680) or by debit or credit card. We regret, however, that we can no longer accept payment by cheque.

Terms and Conditions

18. This Estimate is subject to our standard terms and conditions, a copy of which is attached. These are the only terms upon which we will undertake the work. Accordingly, your acceptance of this Estimate confirms your acceptance not only of the detail set out on this document (including these Standard Notifications) but also of our Terms and Conditions, which will then take precedence over any other terms and conditions – including any printed or referred to on your order.
19. We comply with the Which Trusted Trader Code of Conduct

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